Hey friends! We had a busy weekend celebrating, so I have a ton of pictures to leave here today.

Ellie had requested a friend to spend the night and go to the trampoline park, So on Thursday afternoon that’s what we did.

Palynn has been Ellies bestie since they were born pretty much. They’ve grown up going to church together and we are family friends with her family. They don’t go to the same school, but their friendship is sweet to witness.

They all had so much fun, including Brandon;)

We had dinner, and then to get rolled ice cream. We had never had it before, but it was fun to watch them make it and add in things.

Friday morning, I was up to head to work and this girl was still sound asleep on our bedroom floor.

Ellie opened her gifts, and then I went to work while Brandon held down the house. When I got home I watched the girls swim in the freezing cold water. Avery had gross chip hands, and I found her doing this…

rinsing her hands in the pool pump overflow. Pretty resourceful;)

It started to storm like crazy, meaning our church kids fellowship was cancelled, so we made a run to walmart for last minute cake and ordered pizza in. The grandparents came over for dinner and cake.

After dinner we took Palynn home, and visited for awhile, then we came home and called it a night.

Saturday we loaded up early to head to Brandons cousins bridal shower.

Brooke is getting married this fall. Our girls adore her, and are so excited to be a part of her special day.

We headed to an orchard for peaches, did some shopping, then headed home. It was a great weekend of celebrating!

I’ll be back here on Friday to share some favorites. Have a great rest of the week friends!






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