Hey friends! I’m sharing some favorites from the weekend today. Between a day out of town, a day running errands and then a birthday I feel like it was a whirlwind!

We don’t have a Build a Bear near us, so when we were headed out of town to Averys appointment last week, and the birthday girls request was Build a Bear stuff we decided to do part of her presents early so she could spend gift cards there. Both girls made their choices and of course had to sign the nice list before we left!

We were heading to the zoo after Build a Bear to see their Christmas lights displays but when we pulled in the parking lot both girls were tired from the long day, so we decided to head to a drive thru lights display instead and I’m so glad we did because it is always so pretty! It also had a huge lego exhibit and scavenger hunt to find different characters in the scenes. We are LEGO people and scavenger hunt people so it was so much fun.

Sunday was church and celebrating Averys actual birthday. She requested IHOP for Grinch pancakes, and Frozen themed cookies because she isn’t a cake girl. I cannot believe this one is now 5!! Hopefully I wrap my head around it before she turns 6;)

So that’s the highlights of our weekend. Have a great day friends!

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  1. Such a fun weekend! Cannot. Ellie was that our sweet girl is 5! Cannot wait to see what God has in store this next year for Avery!!!

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