Happy Tuesday friends! We had an amazing weekend and I wanted to share some of that on here today. I didn’t get pictures of all of it because we were busy having all the fun. But basically we packed in all the things.

We went caroling with some ladies and kids from our church and the assisted living place has a really sweet dog. The girls loved on her before singing a few songs to the residents.

We went to see Santa and tell him our requests;) He was the nicest Santa and did not disappoint.

Ellie was talking to Santa first and I snapped this! Avery was cracking up and I am assuming it’s because Santa was talking to Ellie about being good. We all got a big laugh from it.

These pictures aren’t great but I picked up a couple foam gingerbread houses last week at Jo Ann fabrics for the girls and our shepherd had them out Sunday morning for the kids to put together. I love the thought and look of a gingerbread house but these were much more hands on for them to do basically all by themselves.

So that plus a Christmas lights exhibit and then a Christmas pageant at church Sunday night was our weekend.

I will be back Friday with a list of favorites. Have a great rest of the week friends!

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