Hey friends! I am sharing some of my current Amazon buys with you guys today. This is probably a boring post to read for most of you, but if you’re like me they are some of your favorites to read. I love reading what everyone’s priming to see if I’m missing out on anything;)

Up first, I had bought Brandon these sunglassses for his birthday and they recently went missing so we replaced them. I originally got them as a cheap pair that wouldn’t matter if he was biking and they got damaged. But he has really been happy with them. They come with accessories and are a great price for an athlete (uv and anti fog) I use to work for a couple of eye doctors so I’m always preaching about us all needing to wear sunglasses.

Ok this arrived last night so we haven’t tried it out yet. We were needing a steamer of some sort, and this portable one had great reviews and a great price. Do you guys have a portable steamer? Let me know how to not burn myself please?

I was searching Amazon the other day and found these Columbia fleece jackets for the kids. They were under $12 when we snagged them but the price will change at any time. We are heading to the mountains soon, and hoping for cool mountain air. The jacket link says boys but I prefer that the girls have darker color jackets anyways and I don’t think the cut is much different on them.

I was needing mailers for t-shirt orders that have been going out like crazy! Thank you all so much if you’ve bought a tee. When Brandon gifted me with a heat press this summer, I really had no idea people would want our shirts and order from us! We appreciate it so much. You guys are supporting our family and helping this stay at home mom and wife stay super busy.

Ok last thing, a child of ours has been leaving everything at school (her name might be the same as these;) I had heard about these no iron labels and thought we’d give them a try. They are staying on everything super well!

You just press them on for a few seconds and they stay on all surfaces.

That’s it for today. Let me know in the comments what you’ve been priming! Have a great Tuesday!

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