Hey friends! Happy Tuesday! Our weekend was spent wrapping up VBS and then some things around the house including this pallet wall.

Our house is crazy old and all 3 bedrooms use to open up to each other. We closed ours off years ago and put up a pallet wall but just finished Averys side. It had been just a piece of Sheetrock until now.

#procrastinatorsmeettomorrow #or9yearslater

Sad but true😬 Anyway, we started by Brandon taking pallets apart. We go to our local lumberyard for them and grab the best ones they have for taking. Then we left some natural and painted some a fun mint color. Her walls are gray with yellow and pineapple accents so this mint was a fun pop of color.

Also I should mention that every time we are at our local home improvement store, we browse the “oops” paint section. It’s a great way to get cheap paint for small projects and usually the color choices are cute and fun, but not something I would typically go to for a project.

We let these dry and lucky for us it didn’t take long at all because it was hot out.

Then we sized them up compared to the door frame we were covering and made some cuts.

We started to assemble at random.

The blank spaces on the ends we just filled in with pieces. It won’t be perfectly symmetrical or even in any way but that’s what gives it character.

Patiently waiting…

We have some wall decor to hang still and it will hold her dress up clothes. And eventually maybe a mirror.

Let me know what you guys think!

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