What in the world did I just type?!

Back to school is a lot of things for us. It can be fun, stressful, chaotic, or a fresh start depending on how we are looking at it. We are trying to make this year a great one and so we are excited to get back into school and routine.

I’m linking up today and sharing some favorites for back to school and also back to school interviews I did with the kids this week.

First up, are our favorite trays we use these for everything including crafts, spaghetti night, lunch in the backyard, homework, etc. They would be great for anyone really.

We have subscribed and saved on Lysol wipes for the school year. I usually just continually send them to Averys preschool. So we go thru lots in a school year.

We are waiting on this thermos to arrive for Ellie. She usually prefers Mac and Cheese or leftovers for packing her lunch so I’m hoping this thermos keeps food warm until her lunchtime. They come in multiple colors.

I’ve mentioned before how I mostly feel like this blog is a scrapbook of our family memories and so I’m trying to be more consistent with interviewing the kids before birthdays, school years, etc. So this is how back to school interviews went this year🙂


Favorite thing to do: Go to the park

Favorite color: Pink

Favorite movie: The Secret Life of Pets

Favorite food: Mac & Cheese (see why we need a thermos?)

Least favorite food: Brussel Sprouts (ha)

If I could go anywhere I’d go to: Pigeon Forge Area

My best friend is: Palynn

My favorite song: 9 to 5 (this girl loves Dolly Parton!)

When I grow up I’m going to be: a Scientist

What makes me happy: When it’s my Birthday

What makes me sad: When you guys yell at me

If I could have one wish it would be: To have a real life unicorn



Favorite thing to do: ride rides

Favorite color: Purple

Favorite movie: Spookly the Square Pumpkin

Favorite food: Fried Rice

Least favorite food: Soup

If I could go anywhere I’d go to: Shopping

My best friend is: Peyton

My favorite song: Ghostbusters (I’m not even sure she’s ever heard it?)

When I grow up I’m going to be: a Veterinarian

What makes me happy: getting donuts and bug juice (ha)

What makes me sad: when Ellie goes to school

If I could have one wish it would be: that I can have all the stuffed animals

Out of the mouths of babes right?!

I will be back on Tuesday with another back to school post about our back to school brinner and some back to school decor. Have a great weekend friends!

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