Hey friends! I havent done an “All About” post ever I dont think so since Avery started preschool again yesterday I thought it was time to let you get to know this firecracker.

Avery Joy was born on December 2, 2013 after a long road of infertility. We had struggled and struggled to get our second baby and it was a rough time. We were at the point of just waiting and seeing what happened and what Gods plan was when we finally got that positive test.

I should mention, She was born on my Mommas, and my grandmas birthday. I was crazy close to both of them, and they both had such a huge part in me being the woman I am today. It is not lost on me that God gave this sweet girl an amazing day to be born on. Gods plan is always perfect. Even in the thick of waiting, praying, or troubles that come his plan is always perfect.

Her labs came back a bit “off” and because her dad was born with a blood disorder, we knew that it was always a possibility with our kids having it. Ellie did not, but Avery did. We did labs twice a week for the first 3-4 months of her life. It was grueling on all of our hearts, and we are thankful they aren’t as routine anymore, but this girl has always taken labs like a total champ! The sweet lab people have always been the best to us and we know some by name now and even have our favorites.

Avery is super strong willed, and is the boss for sure.

She loves a good pair of cowgirl boots.

All things dress up.

She loves Ellie big and is always cheering her on.

She has always loved Christmas and sings Christmas songs year round at random times.

She loves a  “church day” and is always so excited to go.

She also loves a pool day.

She also loves biking with Brandon.

She would never admit this, but we often find her just like this when we walk into a room. She is always sleeping.

Avery Joy, I hope you know just how loved you are. Our prayer for you is to keep on being your sweet, sassy self and continue to be a bright spot in this world.

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