Happy Tuesday! 

I haven’t shared an Amazon post lately, so I thought I’d do that today. After I got to looking through my past orders it’s apparent it all is house related because I guess after Christmas time and that all comes down our house needs a house refresh. 

** full disclaimer is on the homepage, but I can earn a small commission if you buy from one of my shared links. It is no extra cost to you, but does help our family out as a random source of income and we appreciate you buying from the links I share. 

Tis the season for dry flaky skin. I grabbed these face cleansing cloths for Ellie & I to use with our face cleanser. They are so soft and comparable to name brand in my opinion. 


face cleansing cloths

We needed more seat options in our living room. More fun seating than functional really, but these poufs have fit the bill. The kids use them to lounge on and watch movies. They seem to be great quality, and come unstuffed which I love because I just threw our spare pillows and throw blankets in them as filler. 


This might be the one I’m most excited about;) Nothing says adulting like a  laminator to preserve all the things. I’m excited to use this for the kids art and recipes.


I grabbed this small set of planters for a few new plants I’ve grabbed the last month or so. It is a great price and they are pretty cute in person. 

planter set

Speaking of plants, we had a couple sitting on the floor that needed raised up. I thought this plant stand set was cute and the reviews were good too. 

plant stands

And one last thing we have a cabinet full of random kid cups. It’s basically all chaos and a mess and I was tired of them not stacking right and decided to go with one set that will stack right. These color changing cups are so cute and big! No more little kid cups over here. 

color changing cups

What’s the last thing you primed? I want to know! 

Have a great week! 

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