I wanted to hop on and give a big huge thank you from our whole family. Your prayers, messages, treats and cards have been a blessing to us and we have felt so loved this last week. From our church, to our friends and extended family we are so grateful for the support we’ve had since Averys birth, and diagnosis. 

On Friday morning, we had one of our earliest wake up calls ever. Ha! Brandon and I were up at 4, and let avery sleep till closer to 5. We packed up and headed to St. Louis. We let Avery be the DJ and she wanted to listen to Disney princess music the whole way. She was basically the chillest surgery patient ever even up until they took her to the OR. Said she had no nerves, she was ready. 

Waiting on her turn…

We were so impressed with Childrens and how they go about a kid having surgery. From the moment we walked in, they went above and beyond to make the experience as good as it can be for Avery and us too. 

They got a later start, but took her back around 10:30. We got to wait in the pre-op room and got a few updates during surgery. When she was done around 2 or so, we met her in recovery.

**side note: It’s fairly common for people to have more than one spleen or an “accessory” spleen. Brandon had one extra, and we’ve joked about how many Avery had but never knew until they took them out. She had 2 extra spleens, which is kind of typical Avery form of being “extra” about everything in life;) She was thrilled she won against Brandon for most amount of spleens at our house. 

She wasn’t there long before they took us to our room for the night. Brandon made sure she was settled and then went to spend time with Ellie (his parents and them stayed at a close by hotel) She slept for a bit, but by 6 or so she was awake with a popsicle in hand:)

Other than cat naps, she was basically up all night. Wide awake and walking the halls, with more popsicles in hand! She ran them out of purple ones, and didn’t like the red so orange was last resort. HA!

This was Saturday morning, less than 24 hours after loosing 4 organs…

She was ready to get home. The 2 hour car ride was a bit uncomfortable for her, but when we got home and cozy she was fine. She ended up sleeping well and pain free all night Saturday, and played and even danced around the house on Sunday. Then she asked if we could have tacos at our favorite restaurant for dinner. No gallbladder removal was going to keep her from tacos;) 

So that was lengthy, whew! But that’s an update on where she is now with it all. 

I’ll be back on Friday with a list of favorites. 

Have a good week! 

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