We’ve made it to the weekend!!

I’m linking up today with AndreaNarci and Erika.

If you missed my Tuesday post, it was on favorite gifts and great Mother’s Day gifts. So if you need to buy a gift still, check out that post;) Or tell your kids and husband to check out that post;)

This girl had a rough beginning of the week, with a severe belly ache (possibly her gallbladder) and vomiting. That’s obviously NOT a favorite but this girls attitude towards her disease is a favorite. She is so resilient. God gave her exactly what she needs to face her health issues and we are so thankful for that!

Saturday night, we were heading to dinner so I snapped a picture with this one. We don’t take many pictures together because she is in school all day, but a new goal is trying to get more of us.

The girls received this swing for Christmas from the grandparents, and haven’t really got to use it much until the last few weeks. They love it and fight over it even though it’s big enough for both of them.

My sister shared this on her facebook page, and it could not be more accurate. The last several times we’ve been in a drive thru has been awful!! Tell me it isn’t just us? There is one particular place in our town that never gives us our order right. Ever. But Chick-Fil-A has never done us wrong. Not an ad. But I sure wish it was;)

Wrapping it up for today! I’ll be back here on Tuesday. Have a great weekend!

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