Hello Friday! The first Friday of October at that. I’ll be honest, I haven’t been a big fan of fall ever really, but it’s growing on me this year. 


I’m linking up today with Andrea and Erika to share some favorites. 

We love a good movie night (tonights will be extra fun;) and the only thing better than popcorn, is popcorn and candy. We rarely let our kids have candy but Friday nights almost always calls for candy and popcorn at our house. Our current favorites to add are Rolos, Charleston Chews, and recently we threw some Mike & Ikes in and the girls liked that as well. 

Avery had an appointment in the morning this week, and pulling out her jacket for the cool crisp morning was a favorite. She is our winter baby, and we joke that that’s why she loves the cooler days so much. She’d have on a hat and mittens this week if we’d let her;)

Ok, I’m a sucker for Aldi finds. I follow way to many accounts on Instagram related to Aldi, and usually come home with all the random things they have. So if you have a good Aldi find (seasonal or regular purchase) let me know! These are great and a favorite of all of us. 

Speaking of candy…Does anyone really love Candy Corn? I’d take the chocolate any day. 

Hope you guys have the best weekend!





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