Happy Friday! I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika to share some favorites from the week. 

Up first, birthday weeks are always a big favorite over here. Although our area is on lockdown, we made the most of it and ended it with Christmas lights so we called it a win. 

We spent our first Thanksgiving ever at home this year, and while we missed our family if I’m being honest we also didn’t mind the quiet of it. The turkey turned out great (it was all Brandon not me;) and nothing burned so we will call that success. We had jammies on by 6 and cozied up for the night. 

We pulled out this older Pot Pie recipe this week, because it’s been so cold! Pot pie is the ultimate cold weather food in my opinion, and this one is so good!

We seem to do more puzzles in the cold weather too. This National Parks    one was given to us, and it was fun to look at all of them when it was complete. We love a good puzzle. 

Fresh flowers are a big favorite for me and the girls. I won a contest last week at the florist shop, and this beauty was waiting on us when we got home last week. 

See you all next week! Have the best weekend! 

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