Happy Friday! It’s been a cold week in our neck of the woods, and this weekend looks much warmer than it has been so we are thrilled for that!

Actually, I came across the meme above and cracked up because we’ve been expecting deliveries all week and none have arrived yet. Nothing important, and we can wait but setting records for zero deliveries in the last week or so for sure at our house! 

On Valentines day, we asked the kids were they wanted to eat and they agreed on the Lodge. We made dinner reservations, but after looking at the weather better we decided we should do lunch and be home for the snow fall that evening. The Lodge has the BEST dumplings (great fried chicken too, but the dumplings are my favorite). We tend to make Valentines day more about the kids feeling all the love and this year was no different. 

On Monday, it snowed and snowed some more. I think we were at 9 in or so (without the drift) when we went to bed Monday night. We get snow at least once a year, but haven’t had a snow this huge in a decade or more. It was too cold Monday but the girls have played the last couple days in the snow and there isn’t much sweeter than the joy of kids in the snow. 

This pup just wanted to stay warm all week! He was usually under a blanket, but on this morning he tucked himself under Brandons laptop for the warmth.

Yesterday the sun shined and some of the roads finally started to clear. I never thought I’d be excited about 24 degrees but it felt like a heat wave compared to the last couple days. 

I’m signing off for the day! It’s a big day for our house as Brandon goes to get his second vaccine. We are excited for him and it’s such a relief for our crew. This last year has been scary for our compromised house (and many others) and we are happy to be on our way to the other side of it. 

Have the best day! 

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