I’m back! For now anyways. I was having computer issues then just got busy and didn’t have much to write about.

I’m linking up today with Andrea and Erika to share favorites from the last few weeks. 

My first favorite is this guy and his happiness over his new woodshop. Let me tell you, he never buys anything for himself nor wants for very much at all! So the fact that he finally has somewhere to make things and do what he loves rain or shine is a favorite for all of us and no one deserves it more than him. 

The first project to come out of Brandons shop is this pretty mailbox that is a favorite. We wanted something better since our porch remodel, and we designed this together. It’s such an upgrade from our last. Porch pictures will come when it’s complete. 

Always a favorite, is when our girls are recognized for their hard work. Being full remote students this whole year has also ment being disciplined enough to get the work done basically on our/their own terms. Ellie has done so well, essentially all on her own with just me checking over assignments when she needs reassurance. No real teaching instruction from most of her teachers. So these awards are well earned and we are proud of our girl for her efforts this year. 

We squeezed in some camping time earlier this week. There was maybe 5 campers there. An empty campground and playground is a big favorite! Also some favorites…

Sunset fishing…

Pancakes on a crisp morning…

That’s it for now. Have the best weekend!

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