Hey friends! I may be getting ahead of myself just a bit, but with our May calendar being jam packed I wanted to go ahead and share our “summer bucket list” for this year. We make one before every summer, mostly for the purpose of making sure we get every ounce of fun out of summer before school starts again. We add things and mark things off as we go, but these are the things the kids have in mind. Some we’ve done before and some are new to the list. I will update you guys on which ones we’ve accomplished every few weeks or so. Also, if you have a summer bucket list share it with me in the comments!

SPLASH PARK- probably needs no explanation, our girls love Cape Splash and we try to make it there every year.

PAINT A CANVAS- I’ve wrote before about how we like to paint, and the girls both have their own ideas for a new canvas for their rooms.

LEMONADE STAND- Ellie did one years ago, and collected money for Alex’s Lemonade Stand and both girls want to have one this year. We live on a good road for it, which helps the sales;)

OPEN GYM- Our local gymnastics place has open gyms once a week or so in the summer so we may hit this up a couple times.

MAKE CHOCOLATES- The girls love watching shows on how candy is made, and picked out molds at Hobby Lobby to make their own. So these may show up at the lemonade stand also. Who counts sugar in the summer anyways;) just kidding. We do.

SWIM WITH THE COUSINS- We love to go to my aunts house and swim with my cousin and her kids. The kids have the best time, and we get to catch up:)

ORIGAMI ANIMALS- I’m not sure where this one came from?! Haha sounds like we need to be searching youtube.

STAY UP LATE NIGHTS- ok, you all know how much we ALL love our “stay up late nights” when one kid goes to bed (at a decent time) and the other gets mom and dad time to play a game, watch tv, color or whatever they choose to do on their night. We started this last year and it will last for many summers around here. We’ve all enjoyed it so much!

PICNIC- just a normal picnic request. Grateful we have easy to please kiddos.

P.J. DAY- If you know our girls’ then you probably know which ones suggestion this was;) We will probably be in our jammies most days around here until late morning, but we will also put this one on a calendar and make plans to do nothing.

Now I want to know what your kids look forward to the most in the summertime? Leave me a comment!

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