Birthday posts are probably my favorite to write, because looking back through the years pictures and seeing how much a kid has grown is so bittersweet. Avery turns 7 on the 2nd, but we will be busy birthday-ing with her then so her post is happening now:) 

She’s had many firsts this last year, like…

loosing her first tooth! It was every bit as dramatic as she is for real and I wish I was kidding;)

She also started Ballet and loved it, until COVID cancelled it and it has yet to start back up…


She loves to fish, and caught her first one with her dad this past summer:)

She had a great school picture this year…

This girl is full of life! She is a fighter in her health and her attitude;) A lot sassy and also sweet. She loves winter, the mountains, falling asleep watching a Hallmark movie and Christmas the most. 

This years gift requests included many Barbie things and many Melissa and Doug food kitchen things. 

We celebrated very small on Sunday night, and tomorrow we will do a special birthday breakfast. 

Happy Birthday to our always entertaining and never dull Avery. You keep us all laughing around here! 

We love you! 

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