What’s up Wednesday

Hey friends! I’m linking up today answering these questions and sharing what’s up with us lately🙂 What we’re eating this week: All the cozy and comfort food for sure! It’s been cold in Southern Illinois. So Chicken and Noodles, Pork Chops, and a Biscuit and Gravy casserole are just a few that’s on our menu. What I’m reminiscing about: Spring break! … Read More

Book Recommendations!

Hey all, I’ve mentioned before that Ellie is a reader and loves books. But, she gets hooked on a series and then seems to not find one she likes after that. #proudmom Here’s where I need your help, please leave your best suggestions on books for 8-9 year old girls here🙂 She has read these and liked them. Let me … Read More

Friday Favorites!

Hey friends! Happy Friday! I’m joining a link up today and posting my favorites from the last week🙂 Up first, I organized the girls dresser this week because it was out of control. An organized closet and dresser are a big favorite of mine. They could careless of course😂 Ok, I cannot believe it has taken me six months to … Read More

Three Things Family Update

Hey friends, I thought I would share some random updates on our family today🙂 Brandon & Ashley 1. Brandon has went back to school, and getting in that routine has been rough on everyone😬 but we are getting a schedule down and it will get better. I should mention this was never the plan when he got his job back … Read More

Friday Favorites!

Hey friends! I’m joining a link up as like always today and sharing our favorites from the last little while. Which really is just a bunch of snow and lazy day pictures😂 <<< ndon and Ellie went to a school event, and me and this girl decided to stay in and cozy up with popcorn and Trolls. And let me ... Read More

Tuesday Talk: Fighting all the germs

Hey friends! I’m joining a link up today and was wondering what to blog about, and then it hit me I should blog about germs and how we fight them. Right now in Southern Illinois (well all over the country really) the flu has been awful. With half of our house being immuno compromised we try really hard to pull … Read More

Friday Favorites!

Hey friends! Happy Friday! Hope you guys are having a great week. Ours has seemed forever long, with the first week of school for the year and Brandon being gone an unusual amount for different things. But we’ve made it to Friday and that’s all that counts🙂 So below is a picture of bunny. And if you see my posts … Read More

5 things I can’t live without.

Hey Friends! Happy Tuesday. I thought I would share with you the things I can’t live without today. 1. My people. This needs no explanation. 2. This is my prayer journal, and I’ll include the Bible/ a current devotional book. Just last year I started writing down my prayers and then looking back and updating with how God answered them. … Read More

Friday Favorites:2017 Recap

Hey friends! Happy Friday! This is the girls last day of break, and they are ready to get back to school, I think🤔 I am going to post a random mess of 2017 Favorites from our family today. We found a Leprechaun on St.Patrick’s day! We spent Spring Break in one of our favorite places The Smoky Mountains and loved … Read More

Life lately

Hey friends! Happy Tuesday! Our girls have the rest of this week off for break and next Monday it’s back to normal schedules for all which we are ready for🙌🏼 we are creatures of habit and I’m pretty sure we’ve been in “ignore the alarm clock mode” for way to long🤦🏼‍♀️ Here’s a bunch of randoms for today. This is … Read More