Hey friends! Happy Tuesday! Our weekend was spent wrapping up VBS and then some things around the house including this pallet wall. Our house is crazy old and all 3 bedrooms use to open up to each other. We closed ours off years ago and put up a pallet wall but just finished Averys side. It had been just a … Read More


Hey friends! I have a random list of weekend fun for you today. First up, This flamingo is our top pool toy. It was a great Aldi find. We had lots of pool time over the weekend. This weather lately has been amazing! So mild and bearable compared to our normal crazy hot and humid days. Vacation Bible School started … Read More


Hey friends! I’m sure you’ve all heard about the tragic incident in Branson by now. We haven’t been there in years but a lot of people from our area go to Branson often because it’s kind of close to home. My heart breaks for all the families involved. I’m taking today to hug my kids tighter and I’ll be back … Read More

A Day in the Life.

Hey all! I thought I would change it up a bit and do a photo post today on Instagram. Add me on there and follow us along today if you’d like🙂 @polkadotsandpopcornblog I will be back on Friday with some favorites.


Hey friends! I’m linking up today with Erika, Andrea and Narci and sharing some favorites with you. First up, have you guys tried the White Peach Tea Lemonade from Chick Fil A?! It’s amazing and I may have had it twice when we were in a different town a few weeks ago. We don’t have a local one so I … Read More


Hey friends! It’s good to be back! I can’t seem to get it together to have a routine this summer for the blog but I’m hoping to get back on track. We’ve been soaking up all the sun and pool time we can these days and found this sweet flamingo at Aldi. It may be to big for our pool … Read More


Hey friends! Since tomorrow is Fourth of July, I wanted to share some of our 4ths from the past. The 4th has become one of our favorite holidays, the food, the friends, the fireworks we love all of it. We typically stay home on the fourth, grill, play yard games, swim and then head to our towns fireworks. Our small … Read More