I feel like many of us this year will be really digging deep to think about what we are thankful for after being almost thru 2020. 20/20 is clear vision and I think that’s what the year has brought our family. A clearer vision of what’s important in life and what we are truly thankful for, not just the things … Read More


Hey friends! I’m linking up with Andrea  and Erika like most Fridays to share favorites with you.  Ellie got her haircut the other week, and was pumped to find out her hair was long enough to donate. She’s wanted to do it for years but it was never long enough. Her haircut is a favorite, and helping others is also a favorite. … Read More


Happy Tuesday! Let’s do another tee shirt Tuesday. That’s when I offer discounted tees but only the ones posted within that blog post at discounted pricing. Todays are Christmas themed, with a week or two turn around time.  The Price List… Adult XS-XL Unisex Tee  $15 (2X and up $18 each) Youth/Kids Unisex Tee $12 These designs only.   As always, … Read More


Happy Tuesday! I’m sharing all things “currently” over here in my tiny space of the internet today.  Currently loving… Yes we are those people, every year;) We don’t turn any outside lights on until after Thanksgiving but the inside is always decorated by early November. It brings us crazy amounts of joy, and so anything that brings joy these days … Read More


Finally Friday! Whew.. this week has seemed extra long, kind of like all of 2020. I’m linking up today with Erika and Andrea to share some favorites.  So this may have happened this week… Ahh! Something about Christmas trees that just makes us happy. Also, we are aware it is early, but this years been a wild one. If I’m being honest … Read More


Happy Election Day!!  I won’t get political on here, because I think there is plenty of that without my opinion;) But, I do hope you all go and vote today if you haven’t already. We went last week, because the thought of a quarantined Election Day made me nervous! We took the girls and showed them the ropes of it.  … Read More