Happy Tuesday! I’m sharing all things currently today.  Currently loving… The weather! We went from lots of snow, to no snow and pretty mild sunny days. Bond is loving it too.  Also loving… It’s been a long year for everyone, and we are happy to do our part to get back to a more normal life soon.  Currently listening to… … Read More


I thought today I’d share a three things post. I don’t feel like I’m keeping up with the blog as much as I’d like to, but want to be able to document life as our “family scrapbook” so today seemed like a great time to get that done.   Ellie Ellie is doing so well in school this year as a … Read More


Hey friends! I’ve missed this little space of the internet and am happy to be back.  We had the best Christmas break this year! I feel like it wasn’t a whole lot different than the days since March when we’ve all been home all day everyday practically, but no school work and no work for Brandon made for the perfect … Read More


Happy Tuesday! I’m sharing all things “currently” over here in my tiny space of the internet today.  Currently loving… Yes we are those people, every year;) We don’t turn any outside lights on until after Thanksgiving but the inside is always decorated by early November. It brings us crazy amounts of joy, and so anything that brings joy these days … Read More


Happy Election Day!!  I won’t get political on here, because I think there is plenty of that without my opinion;) But, I do hope you all go and vote today if you haven’t already. We went last week, because the thought of a quarantined Election Day made me nervous! We took the girls and showed them the ropes of it.  … Read More


I’m linking up today with Andrea and Erika to share favorites.  Up first, muffins! It’s been crazy cold and rainy here for what seems like 500 days or so. So mid afternoon muffins were a great way to warm up the house the other day. These are our favorite pumpkin muffins with 3 ingredients.  Our girls have never actually carved pumpkins. Is … Read More


Happy Tuesday! We are still catching up on sleep and laundry from our fun weekend over here, but I wanted to document our camping trip so here we go… There was a cold puppy snuggled up… A fun hike for Brandon and the girls… Some color changing flames for the fire… Spooky and fun decor… A jump pad… And not … Read More


Today I’m sharing a date night idea. I don’t know the last time Brandon and I had a date outside of an at home one. In a non Covid world, we really didn’t go on dates either and all dates typically consisted of take out after the kids were in bed. Many reasons for this, schedules and we are very … Read More


13 years! Yes we were babies when we got married;) I’ll spare you the wedding pictures. For a real life dining room selfie as seen above. People said we wouldn’t make it but we wasted no time dwelling on the opinions of others and haven’t looked back. Other than to tell the girls fun stories of course;)  We’d both agree … Read More


I’m linking up today with Andrea and Erika.  Do you guys know what’s a big favorite at our house? Grocery Pickup! Especially in our immune compromised household. So imagine my excitement when I seen this in our town yesterday morning… Grocery Delivery!! So there is a monthly fee, or yearly which is cheaper, but I think it would be well worth it … Read More