Hey friends! I thought I would start blogging this link up this year because it’s always a fun one for me to read on other blogs. So I’m linking up with Shay and Sheaffer and sharing whats been up with us. 1: WHAT WE’RE EATING THIS WEEK: Anything that’s warm! It is crazy cold in the Midwest today. Tacos, Pork Chops, and a Casserole … Read More


Hey friends! Happy Tuesday! I recently did an Enneagram test and thought maybe you all would be interested in taking it also? So I’m not an Enneagram pro like some people are but my results were a 2, 6 and a 9. There are many of these tests online and I just chose a short and free one. You can … Read More


Happy Friday! I’m linking up today with Andrea, Narci and Erika. The sun finally shined here yesterday which was great for my productivity. It’s been a cold and dreary week so yesterday was a favorite weather wise. We did this puzzle over Christmas break but are ready to get out another one. We borrowed it from some friends and it is the best cold weather … Read More


Hey friends! Happy Tuesday! It’s a snowy slushy Tuesday in our neck of the woods and the girls are home for a snow day. How do you guys feel about snow days? Do you love them or hate them? We lean more towards loving them, although by 1pm today I may be rethinking that;) I haven’t given a family update … Read More


Happy Friday! Hope you all have had a great week! I’m linking up today with Andrea, Erika and Narci. Last Friday evening we had a decent snowfall. It fell all evening and was so pretty! We may have had a kid watching it fall all evening from the window;) We don’t get snow very often in southern Illinois but it’s always a treat to … Read More


Hey friends! Hope your week is off to a great start. It’s been cold and gross here with more wintery weather on the way it sounds like. I thought I’d make todays post a look into what we’ve been priming. These kinds of posts are some of my very favorite to read from fellow bloggers. This may or not be … Read More


Hey friends! Happy Friday! I’m linking up today with Andrea, Narci and Erika. It’s been a pretty slow week around here as we try to get back into the routine of things after the holidays so I thought I’d share a recipe that is a favorite this week instead of our usual family favorites from the week. We are expecting a winter storm to … Read More


I’m back!! It’s been a minute and I have lots of fun to post from our last few weeks together. Today is our last day of the kids’ break and while we are sad to see it end, we are ready for routine and structure again. #routinepeople I am linking up today with Narci, Erika and Andrea and sharing lots of favorites from our Christmas … Read More