I asked Ellie a few weeks ago if she’d want to share some book reviews on the blog and she was quick to get to work on it for us! She is our reader, and reads several in a months time, so this may become a monthly or bi monthly post for her. 

She wrote out her reviews, and I typed it to flow with the links. She’s read some on her Kindle PaperWhite and some in paperback form. If you don’t have Kindle, you can try that out here. We use the unlimited and pay monthly for unlimited reads. All of these are available through the different platforms, (audible, e-reader, paperback) whatever your kids reading preference is:)

Up first, Blended. Mom opinion here… this one was much different than books Ellie typically goes for, but after looking up diversity books for kids she thought this one would be a great read. Heres what she had to say…

I loved this book! It is about a girl whose bi-racial and her parents are going through a divorce. Izzy the main character feels like she has to live two lives going back and forth from parent to parent. Like every good book, there’s a surprise at the end. 


Out of My Mind is by the same author as Blended, but a totally different story. It is about a girl that has Cerebral Palsy. She wants to talk but that’s difficult for her. She gets a gift in the middle of the story. This is an inspiring book and I really enjoyed it. 

Out of My Mind

Almost Home by Joan Bauer. Sugar the main character and her mom are getting kicked out of their home. She has a puppy named Shush. They move to Chicago to be with friends, when Sugars mom becomes sick. This book ends up being a sad one but with a good ending. 

Almost Home

The Magic Misfits by Neil Patrick Harris. This one is the first of a 4 book series. Carter (the main character) has lived with his Uncle Sly since his parents disappeared. Uncle Sly has taught Carter every magic trick he knows. Carter hops on a train and hopes to find a home. 

The Magic Misfits

That’s all for todays review! Big thanks to Ellie for sharing her thoughts on some books, that hopefully your kids will like too! 




  1. Great job Ellie!! I know someone who might also be interested in reading these stories. I’ll have to show her your reviews.

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