Our Family

Hey all! Hope you are having a cozy Friday. It has been crazy cold in our neck of the woods, and now that Christmas is over and we’ve had no snow this year yet we are ready for warmer days.

So for those that know us, this post will be boring and I’m sorry😉 Wanted to give you guys a little backstory and introduce my family. I lost both my parents when I was 17 years old, mom to cancer and dad to a blood clot 9 months later. It was by far the worst days of my life. But with an amazing extended family, and great boyfriend at the time brighter days were ahead. Which brings me to this’s day if you think we look like babies…we totally were.<<<< re married almost 2 years and then Ellie Grace was born<<<< is her thru the years. She is 8 now and we must have blinked because time has flown by. When Ellie was 4, Avery Joy joined our family. <<<< s 4 now and just started pre school. Avery and Brandon were both born with a rare hereditary blood disorder so we continue to deal with the side effects and symptoms of that. Then there's our house and the flipping and work we've done. It's a crazy old house and we almost always are mid project with something around here. <<<< hink that's the important stuff you need to know. Hope you guys have a great weekend🙂

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