Tuesday Talk: Fighting all the germs

Hey friends! I’m joining a link up today and was wondering what to blog about, and then it hit me I should blog about germs and how we fight them. Right now in Southern Illinois (well all over the country really) the flu has been awful. With half of our house being immuno compromised we try really hard to pull out all the stops to not spread or bring on extra germs. Now, I know we still get sick and will never prevent sickness totally, but these are some of the logical and also a bit crazy things we do to halt some germs.



We are consistent flu shot recipients because of bad immune systems in our house and honestly, I’m not sure it helps prevent it. And I know everyone has a strong opinion on the subject. I’d like to think it does, but either way we just don’t risk passing on it.

One of the things that seems to help make germs minimal around our house is water bottles at school and not using water fountains. We have been blessed the last 2 years by teachers that allow water bottles in their rooms and I think it does make a difference.

Another thing, is always wiping the carts down at stores.

We try to remind our kids to always wash hands, but let’s be real they are little and forgetful😂 We seen someone talking about singing the happy birthday song two times thru while washing and that is how long you should always wash for and it has stuck with our kiddos so far.

This one is probably on everyone’s list but we don’t share food, drinks, plates, etc. with anyone usually. The kids are crazy about this one and always ask if someone has bit off of whatever they are eating😂


For forever now, I always have a pen in my center console for the bank specifically. The thought of a community pen everyone that’s banking that day has touched during flu season kind of makes me cringe, if I’m being honest. Maybe it’s just me?!

Ok this is the last one and one I hadn’t thought much about until Brandon and I were talking about germs the other night. Pumping gas at the gas station and all the hands that touched that pump before you😔👎🏼 And of course, I had to get gas that next morning and used all the sanitizer I could after😂

What do you guys do to keep germs and sickness minimal? I would love to hear your ideas.

As always, I’ll be back blogging Friday with a list of favorites🙂 You can follow me on Instagram if you’d like @polkadotsandpopcornblog

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  1. My kids are both in school so I wash their book bags and coats regularly. They also take a multivitamin with extra iron. I’m vigilant about probiotics and extra zinc for myself. Great post!

    1. Thanks Amanda! I feel like I forget about washing backpacks? I’m not sure why though🤔 I will be doing that ASAP! Our girls take vitamins too! Thanks for reading!

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