Hey friends! I’ve missed this little space of the internet and am happy to be back. 

We had the best Christmas break this year! I feel like it wasn’t a whole lot different than the days since March when we’ve all been home all day everyday practically, but no school work and no work for Brandon made for the perfect amounts of fun, rest and reset for all of us. 

We puzzled…

We napped…

Momma had the house to herself for the first time in forever (worth documenting) and it was glorious…

We had Christmas, and I apparently took zero pictures of that.

A couple days later we packed up and headed to our happy place, the mountains! 

We were needing a change of scenery and felt we could socially distance, wear a mask and still have a great time there. 

It actually was such a different (in the best way) mountain trip for us. We brought games and puzzles, had groceries delivered and explored outside more than we typically would in a normal non-pandemic year.

Our cabin shared a private lake so we walked that…

We went to Gatlinburg for donuts before the town “woke up” and there was no crowd. These little snow people are so fun!

We did some more exploring, but what we really wanted to see this time of the year was the lights! 


We decided to wake up really early on NYE and see the lights before sunrise, and again to keep from the crowd. We were back to the cabin and back in our jammies by 10 am;) 

We played games…

Then we got ready and went to our dinner reservations at 4:30. Ha! It sounds so early when i type that, but anything to avoid a crowd these days. We were back at the cabin and ready to ring in the new year cozy and comfy. 

We packed up the next morning to come home. 

The rest of our break was spent doing laundry, organizing desks, planners and school work the not so fun things of life. 

Hope you guys had the best holidays too! 


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