Hey friends! Happy Tuesday! It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Weekend Top 3 post, but this one was a great one and deserves a recap.

Saturday morning when the girls woke up, we told them to get ready and grab a blanket so we could head to…

The Lion King! We were so looking forward to this one, but honestly it was just like the animated original one and we had one kid almost asleep during the movie. The videography in it was great though, and the soundtrack we’ve had on repeat since Saturday.

After the movie we ran some errands and then headed to a local orchard to see the Zinnias. You may remember this post about the sunflower field, and the Zinnias were there. They were beautiful and I may have liked them even more than the sunflowers.

I have no pictures from Sunday evening, but it was VBS family night. The kids sang songs and we looked at pictures of bible school from last week. Bible school is one of those things that is so much work for a coordinator and volunteers, but it’s also crazy rewarding. When we hear our girls singing VBS songs from a year ago, or remembering what they learned in missions class, or the bible study it makes all the late evenings and prep work 100% worth it.

Ok, keeping it short and sweet. We have some last minute summer fun to squeeze in this week, and still have to grab school supplies.


Have a great week friends!

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