Hey friends! It’s been a bit! Last week I pretty much lost track of time, and then Tuesday we had our first snow day of the year so we were way lazy;)

I’m linking up today with AndreaNarci and Erika to share some favorites.

First up, the last couple weeks have consisted of multiple peppermint mochas. I am a peppermint girl all the way. In fact, I could skip all the pumpkin things and move straight to peppermint on October 1. Ha!

Brandons cousin got married in September, and she sent some photos our way of the girls. How sweet and grown up do the girls look?!

Also, a favorite a new Christmas tree! Not thrilled we had to buy a new one, but there is something about a tree right out of a box. We do love that the lights can be “rainbow” or white. They go straight to white when the kids go to bed and we are sitting in the living room;) Something so peaceful about white lights.

Speaking of Christmas trees, Avery decided when she had to draw nine of something on her homework she would draw Christmas trees. Be still my Christmas loving heart! We are basically Christmas crazy over here.

That’s it for today! Have a great weekend friends!




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