Hey friends! Does this seem like the longest week ever, or what?! Back in the swing of things over here but this week is dragging on forever!

I’m sharing my favorites today and linking up with AndreaNarci and Erika.

First up, we love Chick-Fil-A chicken nuggets and have bought a similar Sams brand before that tasted pretty close. Sams is not super close to our town but I was pretty excited to see these at Walmart. We tried them last night and liked them! A quick air fryer meal is a favorite of mine.

Ellie mentioned starting a new New Years Day tradition of bowling, and we thought it was a perfect idea. Her bowling skills have improved so much! No photo needed of mommas score, because let’s be honest it was terrible. Ha!

Last Friday morning, we packed up for the night and headed to St. Louis for Disney on Ice. We gifted the girls with tickets for Christmas and thought we’d make a quick overnight trip of it before normal routines started back up for all of us. Dinner with a view of the renovated Union Station was a big favorite. We watched the ferris wheel change colors, and people watched too.

Disney on Ice did not disappoint! It was so fun and engaging, and when we got back to our hotel and the show cast came in, it was extra exciting for the girls. I may have said, “lets go door to door saying Elsa, I know your in there” until we found her, but Brandon shut that idea down.

A favorite this week is also how Avery went back to school with motivation to do better. I won’t go into details but the first half of Kindergarten was rough. For many reasons. She’s had a great week this week and we are thrilled about it.

One last thing, our favorite guy is preaching this Sunday morning at our church. If you would like to join us for it, we’d love that! I’m always so proud of Brandon and how he puts serving God at the top of his priorities.

Have a great weekend friends!


3 Comments on “FRIDAY FAVORITES.”

  1. I loved the idea of going door to door calling for Elsa. That would have been fun! Lol Glad you all are having a great start to the year.

    1. Thanks for reading Angel! We are having a great start to the new year and we are pumped it’s Friday over here. This week back in routine has been rough!

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