Happy Friday!! It’s going to be a great one over here because the kids are officially on Christmas break which means the teacher is too;) I always love Christmas break, but this year I love it even more! 

I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika to share some favorites. 

We’ve started making a mocktail over here and it’s so good! We just mix Cranberry juice and Sprite and stir it up. Real simple and pretty too!

Ellie made the cutest reindeer plate when she was in first grade with Averys current first grade teacher. We love it so much that we had Avery make one. Now they stand side by side on a kitchen shelf and are a favorite. 

Avery asked me the other night to cut her hair. So we did. She said she’s got an extra sassy haircut now. Like she needs anymore of that;) 

File this under things we said we’d never do…

But it was cold the other day so we wanted him to stay warm;) 

Also, this cracked me up this week. We are waiting on things (no gifts) but they seem to be lost and well, It’s in the Lords hands now. 

Hope you all have the best day! 



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