Hey friends! Im linking up today with NarciAndrea and Erika and sharing some favorite gifts from years past and some new that our kids may or may not be getting this year;)

Santa is consistent in leaving the girls one present and we buy them 3 a piece usually. As they get older and the requests become bigger we may have to adjust what we do but for now this is what works for us. We haven’t ever been the type to buy everything on their lists, and the requests change everyday even though they have been made aware that mom and dad are done shopping and have been for awhile now. Santa also leaves them a stocking and here are some of the items they’ve received in them in years past or things that I think would go over well if Santa is the blog reading type;)

bath bombs

Bath bombs are all the hype right now and I feel like most kids would love to have these as a gift or a stocking stuffer.

face masks

The girls love a face mask. We sometimes grab a couple and they put on their bath robes for a “spa night” which consists of a face mask and usually nail polish. These would also make a great basket gift for a spa night (add a nail polish or two and a bath bomb) or a stocking stuffer.

JoJo bow

Do you guys know who JoJo is? She’s talked about all the time in our house and while the girls have yet to get one of her hair bows, I feel like they would love to recieve one on Christmas morning.

glitter pens

These would be fun for Ellie paired with a cute little notebook.

mini light box 

These are so cute and would make a great gift also.

I hope these give you some gift ideas if your still trying to wrap up shopping. We have just a couple more small things to finish and then we are done!

But I should tell you we have nothing wrapped. At all. Actually, there isn’t even a tree skirt around our tree currently because our dog lays on it and it needed washed.


This weekend we have some fun Christmas things planned and I would love it if you would follow along with me! On Instagram its @polkadotsandpopcornblog and on Facebook it’s Polkadots and Popcorn.  Also, leave me a comment below and let me know if your shopping and wrapping is done?


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