Hey friends! Happy Friday, as always I’m linking up with Erika, Narci, and Andrea and sharing a list of favorites.

We finally got around to starting a gallery wall in our bedroom, and we’d like to add a few more things but I’m liking the outcome so far.

Speaking of walls, we are doing an art display wall for our girls crafts. I can’t decide which I like better, but I’m leaning on a mix of picture #1 and picture #2. What do you guys think?

Birthday parties, they are always a favorite right?! The girls were invited to a friends Super Hero Party complete with capes, a photo booth, and a bounce house. It was lots of fun.

We finally got a library card this week, which is a favorite of mine because maybe we can put a stop to our growing library of kid books. We have been buying books for Ellie up to this point, or she’s been reading books others gave her, but we are running out of room! It’s an amazing problem to have, but I thought if we could rent and return books that would be better. She is currently reading Wonder and loving it🙌🏼 So grateful she loves to read and does it without us having to ask her too. She just recently hit 100 A.R. Points at school this year which we are so proud of her for!

Hope you guys have a great weekend! We have an art wall to hang, and are hoping to have good sunny weather to enjoy🙂

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