Summer Fun!

Hey friends! It was almost 80 yesterday here and it got me thinking about summer and fun things to do in the summer. I’m going to share some pictures, and ideas and hopefully you guys will have more to add and share also.

Hello Sunshine and warmer days. It was a long winter/late spring and we are glad to see temps like these finally! Our girls don’t get out of school until the very end of May, but we’ve been thinking about what we want to spend our summer days doing.

We typically spend lots of time in our backyard, I’m not sure where the kids were on this day, but the pup in the shade would be Ace.

We love a good pool day in the summer, this was at swimming lessons last year and we are probably headed back again this year for a refresher🙂

While we are on the water subject, the splash park is a family fave🙌🏼 Our kids mostly prefer the splash pad which we have a perfect view of from a reclining chair under an umbrella.


This girl loves a summer night in a hammock.

Our towns Fourth of July celebration is another big favorite.

Sno Cone trips are always a yes around our house on a summer night.

Bible school is a favorite! Our kids love bible school.

Ellie likes to take her roller skates to a parking lot by our house and practice on summer evenings.

This one loves a bike ride with dad.

Our favorite part of summer though is the late nights and late mornings when we have no where to be. We have many pajama days in the summer.

I read another blog and the lady said her kids get to rotate staying up late so they get Mom and Dad for a bit to themselves. We loved this idea so I think we will pick days of the week and that kid can stay up late and choose whatever they’d like to do with us, movie, board game, puzzle, art, etc. It wouldn’t work for us thru the school year, but we think it will be perfect for summer nights.

We also visit our local science center, parks, and library. Let me know how you guys spend your summers and what your favorite things are to do please!

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