What we’ve been watching…

Hey friends! Happy Tuesday🙂

Today I thought I would share what we’ve been watching as a family, and then when the kids are in bed the shows that I watch. Hopefully you guys will leave me recommendations on both and we can start some new shows soon.

Anyone else with me?! In theory I would love to read, but when I start a book it ends up put down and I never finish. But, my name is Ashley and I am a reality TV junkie😬

Our kids are 8 and 4 so we are at the stage of more than cartoons but nothing over PG ratings. Also, I should mention that thru the week we might have the tv on in the evening for one quick show after baths and before girls bedtime. On the weekends we are a bit more relaxed with TV time and especially if the weather is gross and we can’t be outside, someone is sick, etc.

This one shocks me because our kids aren’t into sports but love to watch Dude Perfect and their trick shots. They appear to be good role models and Brandon and I are usually on the couch watching this along with the kiddos.

Another one we all like and watch together are baking challenges. The kid ones, the adult ones, our girls get really into them and like to guess the winners before they show them.

Ok now for the not so PG rated shows😬

We will start with The Bachelor. I have to be honest I’ve missed several seasons but started watching this go around and got sucked in. I think we can all agree most seasons are just rediculous anyway. But now that it’s over, maybe I can have more productive Monday evenings.


I’m ashamed to even go public with this, but I’m a housewife watcher. These women don’t act like any “housewife” I’ve ever met but it’s entertaining to say the least.

I also sometimes listen to a podcast while doing dishes or folding laundry but none that I’ve been consistent with. Usually I just play what seems good at the moment.

So I want to know what recommendations you guys have for tv shows that we are missing out on. Leave me a comment and let me know so my laundry pile can be put off for another day while I watch junk TV😂

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