Hey friends! I thought I would share some pictures from Ellie’s baptism this past weekend. She asked Jesus into her heart a couple weeks ago and decided she was also ready to follow thru with baptism.

She was so excited that some of her uncles and an aunt came to support her. Grandma and grandpa were there too.

Ready to go!

Brandon got to baptize her which was so special.

He’s also ready to go.

*side note: This is the same baptism that I was baptized in at age 10, and I’m pretty sure the same one my parents were baptized in. (They have both passed away and had passed before the girls were born) so it’s pretty sentimental for me. The baptism itself doesn’t save anyone, the prayer does. And I’m blessed that one day we will meet my parents in heaven, because of their salvations. But just to know it’s the same baptistery is so special.

Almost go time…

So grateful for people taking pictures for us. Because in the middle of it, my phone wasn’t working right. Isn’t that how it always goes?!

Group picture.

We gifted her with this bracelet afterwords, to always remember the date she was saved and also a reminder to be all in for Jesus.

We are so excited to watch Ellie be on her walk with Christ. It’s the best gift a parent could ever get.

Have a great week!

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