Hey friends! Happy Friday! Also, happy May! We are hoping May brings consistent warm weather and many sunny days. 

I’m linking up today with Erika and Andrea to share some favorites. 

We’ve had the girls crib in storage for 4 years or so because I always knew I wanted to repurpose it. We finally had the time to put into it, and this was the final product. We are super happy with how it turned out, and love that it’s also sentimental. It’s new home is in our dining room and it will be a favorite for years to come. 

Sunshine is always a favorite, and yesterday did not disappoint. We had a couple rough days around our house  for different reasons, but basically being quarantined had gotten the best of us, so the sunshine made for much better attitudes and moods. 

I’ve been playing music while the girls and I get through school work in the mornings. We are loving Jack Johnson over here. Brandons been a fan for forever, but the girls and I just jumped into the fan club:)

A favorite that we never knew we loved, POWERWASHING! Ellie and I are big fans. It’s still a work in progress but the backyard is looking much better. 

Another favorite, kindergarten schoolwork. Ha! Ellie keeps telling Avery that she will not think it’s fun in 5th grade, but for now Avery thinks it’s fun;)

That’s it for this week! I hope you guys have the best weekend! 




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