I’m back today playing photo catch up for the last few weeks. They’ve been jam packed and pure chaos if I’m being real. From doctor appointments, to a new porch and then a flooded crawl space. But we’ve been able to throw in some fun in the middle of all that too;)

Up first, a few popcorn and movie nights. We prefer to put candy in ours so we cleaned out the candy drawer and made it sweet;)

Avery had a great appointment a couple weeks ago in St. Louis. This was a her first and only post op and I really can’t put into words our surprise and happy tears when they said no need to return to them until summer 2022!! We were shocked and pleased and the patient skipped the whole way out of there and to the parking garage. She’s finally growing well (it’s been a struggle due to condition in the past) and her labs were way higher than our estimates going into appointment. We celebrated with rock climbing and wacky walls in the city:)

We got a new porch last week! We are thrilled with how it turned out, we planted some plants and now just need to get the final touches done. I couldn’t find a before, but trust me it was terrible. Here’s what it looked like done, don’t mind the mailbox on the bench;) 

We had dr appointments everyday a few weeks ago and this girl had to have a tooth pulled. She’s had some pulled before but is always such a trooper for it. The tooth fairy gave extra for the extraction. 

Have the best week friends!

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